Why to Choose Us?

  •  Why to Choose Us?Since the company was established, we have managed to help many large and prominent enterprises achieve, maintain and develop the quality of their customer service.
  • The feedback from our clients has been 100% positive. We have maintained partnership with the majority of our clients since the company was established. Find out what our clients think of us!
  • We are the first ones in Estonia to offer mystery visits with video and sound recording, which enable the client to get an exceptionally detailed overview of the visit. The recording method will be implemented only when the client wishes to do so, and special equipment will be used for that.
  • Our staff is professional and ambitious. We feel passionate about our work and we enjoy the work that we do.
  • Our partners include hotels, restaurants, cafes, vehicle distributors, pharmacies, insurance companies, retailers of various products such as electronic devices and clothing. This has provided us with knowledge from different fields.
  • We offer very flexible solutions: the service we offer is customised to the client’s unique needs and wishes.
  • We have an extensive network of experienced mystery shoppers. Depending on the requirements of the client, we can corporate mystery shoppers from different ages, nationalities, educational levels, locations, backgrounds and other range of characteristics.
  • The thorough system of quality control ensures that each survey is detailed and meets the requirements of both the client and our own.
  • The accredited and popular mystery shopping software Checker Software Systems is used to provide the client with the feedback and analysis of the mystery visits.