Online Software

A diverse and high quality online software is important to both you and us. A strong Internet based system helps us to find, train, direct and manage mystery shoppers; regulate feedback and forward the processed info to you. The Internet based software is also useful to you as it ensures fast and user-friendly access to all data and makes the data easy to analyse. Service Check cooperates with the internationally acclaimed software developer Checker Software Systems Ltd.

The Internet based software allows you to:

  • Use the system in Estonian, English, Russian, and in many other languages.
  • Observe the project while it is being carried out.
  • Compare the results and detect any trends.
  • Export data into different file formats.
  • Access the software with an unlimited number of users with different roles and rights.
  • Customise the charts, tables, diagrams and graphs illustrating the results based on your requirements, and download them easily.
  • Receive automatic notifications via e-mail or SMS.

A glimpse of the online platform:

It is possible to create various types of figures, tables and charts using the software. For example, to get an overview of a single report, it is possible to use this simple table in which among others the date, name of the branch and the result of the report can be seen. In addition, it is possible to download each report.

Performance summay table

Comparison of different branches can be nicely illustrated with a bar chart, changes in the results can be traced with a line diagram. Such figures could be compiled based on different characteristics, for example it is possible to compare the results of different types of branches (region, size or any other characteristic).

Performance summary columns

Performance summary line graph

All of the answers given to a question can be easily analysed in more detail. It could be done in the form of a table, or you could also observe the answers grouped in branches in the form of a bar chart.

Answers frequencies

Grade by question

The fulfilment of unique goals can be observed using such graphs.


If required, the results could also be illustrated on a map.

Results on a map

These examples represent only a small fragment of all the different possibilities that the software has to offer. The system is in constant development and offers new updates persistently.