The Process and Principles of the Survey

In a broad sense, there are two methods for carrying out the surveys — quantitative and qualitative. The former involves a questionnaire and an adapted score system. With this method the evaluations are more objective.

The Process and Principles of the SurveyIt is possible to compare different branches and execute a statistical analysis. The qualitative method involves feedback in the form of an essay. This allows a very detailed overview of the whole mystery visit/call/email through the eyes of the mystery shopper.

Often, a combination of both methods is used, in which the mystery shopper fills in a questionnaire, and simply has to comment on some aspects in more detail. In both cases, sound and video recording is available. This will allow even more detailed overviews.

Frequency of the Surveys

We have found that mystery shopping peaks in effectiveness when it is carried out persistently. We advise you to execute mystery visits on a monthly or quarterly basis. The survey has to be in concordance with the general plan for the improvement of customer service quality and has to have a concrete aim. This means that gathering the results is followed by analysis, the analysis is followed by feedback on different levels, propositions for changes, trainings and then a new cycle of surveys.

To get a more objective picture of the situation, we advise testing each branch or employee several times in the course of one testing cycle.

One testing cycle usually includes:

  • The creation of the questionnaire and establishment of the shopping situation used in the survey.
  • Training and finding the appropriate mystery shoppers
  • Configuring the online questionnaire
  • Carrying out the mystery visits/calls/emails
  • Gathering the results, analysing them and creating a summary
  • Feedback in the agreed format, with recommendations for further developments

The Questionnaire

The questionnaire used in the survey will be created in cooperation with the client. Usually it is constructed upon the company’s standard of service, but we will definitely suggest questions as well, based on our previous experience in the specific field. The questionnaire is structured logically and the questions are unambiguous. Most frequent are yes/no questions, so to eliminate any subjectivity and ambiguity. In some cases multiple choice and open questions are used as well. If needed, additional comments could be asked from the mystery shoppers.

The mystery shopper will be given detailed instructions on how to fill the questionnaire, accompanied by important comments for each question. This will prevent ambiguity, and will lead to more objective results.

Results and Feedback

An online database is usually used to present and analyse the results. Click here to see details about the software. If required, the results can be presented also without using the online software, for example as pdf documents.

If required, the survey results and analysis can also be compiled in a slide-show and presented by our team, or feedback could be given in a simple conversation format.