Evaluation of Mystery Phone Calls and emails

Often a phone call or an email forms the first impression anyone gets of your business. Therefore, it is essential to observe and develop the quality of customer service also in those channels. In mystery calls, the mystery shopper calls the workplace, and in the case of mystery emails, he will contact the employee via email. Later, the mystery shopper will fill in an online questionnaire or write a summary in the form of an essay.

Evaluation of Mystery Phone Calls and emailsCompared to direct mystery visits, different aspects become significant in developing phone and email customer service. For example, whether the employee is smiling over the phone and giving forward a positive emotion via email.

With both phone and email customer service, the speed and correctness of starting the contact are valued the most. With emails, mystery shoppers will attend closely to spelling, with phone calls, the tone of the voice of the employee.

The expertise, sales skills and other aspects of the employee that are evaluated in direct visits, will be evaluated also in the mystery calls and emails.