Training for Employees

Trainings for Service StaffEmployees’ training is an important part of the companies’ service quality development. The exact training content depends on the company’s requirements and wishes, often on the results of the service audit. Following are two practical sample trainings.

Customer service practice for employees

Training program includes Customer Service ABC, main principles of good customer service and reinforcement of the service standards. The goal of the training course is to give practical skills for providing a better service to the customers, also solving complaints, providing alternative solutions (in case there is no required products) and exceptional situations such as:

  • communication with various types of customers;
  • communication with customers, when the price of the product is high;
  • long queues in the showroom due to the lack of employees;
  • solving typical customer complaints.

Practical training course for add-on sales

In the training course, it is taught how to make add-on sales and what to offer for add-on sale and providing practical tips on how to advise clients proactively in the showroom. Also covering different the stages of the add-on sales, which are focused on the needs of the trained company. Topics covered in the training course more precisely:

  • The importance and effect of the add-on sales and proactive service to company, employee and client, attitude training.
  • We work out the main lines of the add-on sales during the training course i.e. what accompanying products to be included with the main products)
  • Cross-selling and upselling techniques and how to offer novelty products, including practical examples.
  • Opening the add-on sale (opening phrases, addressing the customer) and closing techniques and solving complaints.

Customer experience, customer’s suggestions and loyalty, in addition practical examples and exercises.